Meet the Team

The team consists of a bunch of superheroes from NLSIU, a motley collection of nerdy bookworms, studly Aditya Birla scholars, sports enthusiasts and people who can routinely solve the Rubik’s cube blindfolded!! And yes, this ensemble has come together to let out the secrets, and demystify every trap one stumbles upon in this journey called the CLAT. We have tread the same path, tossed and turned through the same sleepless nights, gone through all shades of emotion you feel right now, and managed to come out unscathed and victorious. We promise to equip you with regular doses of motivation, knowledge, strategies and inspiration. So, pull up your socks, gird your loins, and get going because you now have a companion to guide you through this journey. Cheers!

Here are the superheroes along with their signatures 😛


Siddarth Chokkalingam: Our own Arnab Goswami, except that he asks the questions which the nation has no interest in knowing.
Anant Khanna: Often forgets that all the world is NOT a stage and he does not need to debate on everything under the sky.
Chitwan Sharma: The guy who was jobless enough to conceptualise this venture.
Akash Deep Singh: The guy needs to stop subtly moving conversations towards the fact that he bagged AIR 1 in AILET. Yeah! We get it dude.