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Bust CLAT: Start from the basics.

Hey! How’s your preparation going? If you are scoring anything above 110-115 in your mocks, you are on the right track and if you are not, there is still time for you to improve. Just that you HAVE to start now. Delaying preparations now is not advisable. You do not want to leave anything for the last moment. If you put in a decent amount of effort now, you can be sure of writing a similar piece of advice for aspirants targeting CLAT’18.

Let’s talk about CLAT now. Before we get into the details, it’s my job to reiterate that all law entrance exams ask you similar kind of questions. This piece shall primarily discuss the structure of the CLAT question paper.

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Tired of cliched CLAT prep advice? Here is some more

It is 2017 and you might be thinking right now that you do not have enough time to prepare for CLAT. You may be thinking that all is lost and that you would have to try again next year. You cannot be more wrong. With the right advice, you will reach your destination. It will require a lot effort. But needless to say, it is not impossible. Nothing is.

There are a few things which you need to understand, but chances are that you already know about them:

Clichéd advice No. 1: Every person is different.

Clichéd advice No. 2: Don’t compare yourself to others. It only helps the person you are comparing yourself to.

Clichéd advice No. 3: Watch Dangal. No, seriously.

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30 Days to CLAT: Make it or Break it

Siddarth Chokkalingam (AIR 15 in CLAT 2016) provides the perfect strategy for these last 30 days to CLAT 2015.

As you read this article, you will realise that you have a little less than a month to prepare for the D Day: May 8, 2016. Don’t fret. Don’t panic. Don’t hyperventilate. Some of you might have prepared well over the past year. Some of you may just be picking up your course books for the first time. Either way, the crucial part which can swing your prep and results either way, is the last month. There are numerous success stories of students who really revved up their prep during the last month before CLAT to find themselves in the top four law schools of the country – the universities which many refer to as the Mecca of Law. The first thing which you need to do is to forget how well you have prepared before this. You have nearly 30 days before you now. You have the chance to decide how well you are going to utilise them. If you’re smart you’ll make productive use of these 700 hours and become a success story. Or else you will be one among the thousands who tried and failed. The choice is yours. Continue reading “30 Days to CLAT: Make it or Break it”

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Last Two Months

Niharika Sharma (AIR 30 in CLAT 2015) explains how to prepare in these last two months.

May 8, the date that you all must be eagerly awaiting (or not, maybe). This is the day (not ignoring the fact that you might be giving other law entrance exams too, but to be frank, it’s CLAT dude) which holds the key to your future and to your dream college. The day is close now, just a little over two months. Two months might seem like a tiny amount of time right now, but it is not. A lot can be done in these two months. Hence, it is extremely important that you make the most of this crucial period of time.

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Time Management While Solving the CLAT Paper

The first thing that bothers CLAT aspirants when they begin their preparations is finishing the paper in time. Doing two hundred questions in just two hours seems a mammoth task, but it is not so difficult. The key here is to manage your time efficiently by planning the order of solving questions beforehand.

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‘It’s Not Too Late…’ says AIR 1

The D-day for all you CLAT aspirants is just three months away. Many of you may be spending sleepless nights, suffering from CLAT related nightmares, panic attacks and the likes. However all this tension is not really required. You can easily get into top National Law University with dedicated preparation from now till CLAT. Ideally CLAT is not as tough as to require preparation for an entire year. Just 3 months are enough to nail it. But this is the time when you need to get serious about it and start concentrated study sessions not for the entire day obviously but for just 5-6 hours a day.

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The Ultimate Mantra: Dare to Dream

During the last months of my 12th board exams, my interest was deviating from PCM and I started contemplating about CLAT as an option. I was quite depressed and skeptical because of two reasons; one, my rural background and two, problem with English language, which is one of the determining factors of your CLAT AIR.

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Life Apart From CLAT

Abhiroop Saha explains why it is important to have a Life Apart From CLAT!

Interactions with a couple of my batch mates and current CLAT aspirants have been the inspiration behind this article. The main problem juniors face during preparation is that of managing both CLAT and Boards. Several articles give tips on how to balance both. Sadly, what is lost in between is time for doing things one enjoys. People leave sports, music and other such leisurely activities all for the sake of CLAT. One of my batch mates, once a national level football player stopped playing because of the dual problem of CLAT and boards. The same happened to another batch mate of mine, a classical guitarist who has hardly played in the last two years.

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A Boy With a Dream

It was the middle of May, around the time of the year when every relative and every person in the near neighborhood asks you and your parents the ‘Question of Life’- “what next?” It was at this point in time that I heard about a senior of mine who had gotten into one of the top National Law Universities. This soon became the next topic of discussion in school. I was in class 12th at that time and was really inspired by the appreciation that he had received. This was the first page of my journey to this prestigious institution, National Law School of India University.

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So I was asked by these wacky friends of mine to write something to inspire young kids to take up CLAT sans all the scary nightmares. So here it goes my pals. Somewhere in this write up I have hidden the magic recipe to crack CLAT. Firstly let’s start with how to tackle the highly unpredictable, hell of an exam called CLAT. The answer is a quote from somewhere in the internet. “Do not just practice until you get it right, practice until you cannot get it wrong.” Yes, be prepared! Remember that the exam is an experience of bureaucratic slack, and do not stick only to mocks of one coaching centre. Read books from varied sources. Be ready for anything they are scheming to throw at you.

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