About Us

Hey! All of you CLAT aspirants and all you blank souls, this is for YOU! Now, what is this page? This page is meant to give you guys an insight into the field of legal education by souls who were as confused as you less than a year ago. This page will not only contain articles about law and its viability (and cool quotient) as a profession but will also publish interviews with eminent personalities on a regular basis. For all those who are preparing for CLAT, the gateway to the premier law institutes of the country, we will also be posting tips, strategies and motivation stories. Going forward we also hope to give you study material to help you out.

I can guess the question that’s running across your mind right now…there are so many CLAT prep websites, why us? First and foremost, we do not focus only on CLAT prep. Though CLAT prep finds an integral place in our scheme of things, we prefer to put our focus on a slightly broader theme: Law as a Profession. Going through our page, I guarantee you’ll be left dreaming of becoming the Indian Harvey Spectre or the next Harish Salve. Secondly, our mode of communication will be drastically different. We will make effective use of social media tools such as hashtags to grab your attention and to help you remember important points. Next and importantly, despite our hectic schedule we will be regular in updating articles and ensure you get all the required info on time. We will also respond to all queries within a specified time. Pinky promise 😉. Finally we come to the most important factor (at the expense of boasting), we are NLSIU students! You get to learn and engage with the best in the country.

So keep following us and get your Law Dreams on!

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2 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Hello,

      I recommend you reading our content once and you’ll realise for yourself the difference in the effort that is put into creating our content as against anybody else’s content out there.


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