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Mock Tests: Know How (Part 2)

I often advice 2016 aspirants on how to go about CLAT prep and life surrounding the prep because your life actually does start revolving around your prep. Your relationships, your eating and sleeping habits, what you do and when do you do it; all of it affects your prep and then your final performance. Kids (as they are called here at NLS, end up here and you will be called the same) ask me anything they feel is important to them at that moment of time. But, there is this one common grievance; it’s there with most of them, most of the times. And what is that? Those 200 mark mock tests that they feel are the biggest concern of their life.

Now, why is it so that you can’t score well in your mock tests even after tons and loads of practice and preparation? Your preparation is not up to the mark, is what your family will say. Your teachers will prescribe some 1000 page books to practice from. You’ll go and ask people around you for advice but you end up getting the same or lower marks in the next mock.

I can completely empathize with you guys because I was too in the same state one year ago while doing my own CLAT prep. It’s been nearly a year, and I realized, all of this is quite natural with every CLAT prep and you’re no anomaly to it. And please believe me here as your perspective changes, once you get out of the grind.

I’ll tell you a trick to improve your marks without even practicing those math or logic problems that you may hate. Though on a side note, it is beneficial to solve them, so please try to do so.

What you got to do is focus on the trivial issues related to a mock test and this is when you will see actual progress without practicing anymore. To remove the vagueness, the way lawyers do, I define trivial issues as those on which you don’t pay much attention, which includes the following:

Time Management: Don’t think that you’ll sort time management in just one go in the last mock test and be the king of time management. This doesn’t happen. Period. This is something you have to focus on even before you start your mock. Practicing from 5 books is of no use when you can’t solve that one question in CLAT due to paucity of time. For most people managing time seems a herculean task, excuses are given that it must be in your genes but trust me it doesn’t need to be. What I did was use the first 2 minutes of the test to skim through it and allot time to each section accordingly. This allotment, if religiously adhered to, will help you a lot in improving your mock score. In lengthy papers this can give you an edge over others. All you got to do is leave the section when the allotted time ends, even if you feel that you can do more questions. Leave 10 minutes in the end if you want and solve the easiest 10-15 of all such questions.

The Buddhist Approach: Just a fancy name. “Stay Calm” is the message. If you like it in the literal sense do some deep breathing before the mock test. But this really helps develop your concentration and problem solving abilities. You may be able to crack that Math problem or read that RC properly which you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

Need of the hour: Proper sleep: This is what makes you work the next day.How can you not sleep when you have an exam the next day especially when it tortures every lobe in your brain? CLAT doesn’t want you guys to get those dark circles around your eyes.Even if you’re not prepared you should sleep properly before the mock. Ensure that you get that extra 2 hours of sleep when you have a mock test, the next day. I personally remember sleeping some 13 hours before CLAT. This helps you again focus on time management and also to stay calm before the exam.

Just follow the above pointers and make sure you do your best in the next mock test. All the best!

-Chitwan Sharma

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