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Bust CLAT: Ace the Maths section.

With about three months left for the D-Day, you are entering the home stretch of your CLAT preparation. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t extensively prepared over the last year or two, as long as you make these three months count. For freshers, striking a balance between board exam prep and CLAT prep is difficult, but not impossible. All that is needed is an ounce of dedication and commitment. Droppers who haven’t seriously started with their prep must stop slacking and get back to work. Getting a good CLAT score is not that difficult provided that you work diligently and smartly.

Coming to the extremely scoring section of the CLAT exam in which people often lose out as they are scared. The Maths section in CLAT carries a meager 20 marks but more often than not, a good score in this section would boost your overall score. Those suffering from Math-phobia and those who haven’t taken up Math in class 12 shouldn’t get worked up over this section. Smartly targeting the easy questions in the section and finishing them in less than 8 minutes gives you both ample time to handlethe other sections that are scoring and an idea of what a good score in this section would be. When a difficult set of questions is posed in this section, those who are proficient at Math generally suffer as they end up spending more time on this section with their egos getting the better of them. One must remember that CLAT is strictly focused around time management.

The best method to deal with Math is to analyze each question logically and eliminate options. This is timesaving and also allows you to make a decent attempt in questions where you may not always know/apply the formula. An ideal tactic for this section would be answering 18 questions in less than 12 minutes with a score of more than 15.

Lastly, Given below are a few tips that helped me ‘ace’ this section. These tips deal with topics from which questions are frequently posed in CLAT.

  1. Time and Work
    • Assume Work to be LCM (of duration) unitsà Find work done in 1 hour (Efficiency) àSubtract work done and proceed accordingly with the time required for work to be completed

Eg. Pipe A can fill a tank in 10 hours and Pipe B can fill the same tank in 12 hours. Both the pipes are opened to fill the tank and after 3 hours, Pipe A is closed. Pipe B will fill the remaining tank in:

  • 5h 24m (b) 5h  (c) 3h  (d) 4h

Correct answer: (a)

  1. Compound Interest – Rule of 72
  • A sum of money carrying an interest of x% p.a. will double itself in y years if the product of x and y is 72.

If the annual interest rate on a sum of money is 6%, how many years will it take for the money to double?

  • 8 years (b) 12 years  (c) 9 years  (d) 10 years

Correct answer: (b)

  1. Time and Distance
  • If a vehicle travels a certain distance in xkmph and return in ykmph, then

Average Speed = 2xy / x+y

A truck travels from Delhi to Lucknow at 60 kmph and returns the following day at 40 kmph . What was the driver’s average speed?

  • 48 kmph (b) 50 kmph  (c) 52 kmph  (d) 48.4 kmph

Correct answer: (a)

  1. Profit and Loss
  • When a person has a loss of ₹M if he sells an article at a price of ₹x per unitbut gains ₹N if the article is sold at ₹y per unit, then

Quantity Sold = N-(-M) / yx

A wholesale fruit seller buys some oranges. If he sells it at ₹100/dozen, he loses ₹200, but when he sells it at ₹120/dozen, he gains ₹100. How many oranges has he bought?

  • 1500 (b) 1200 (c) 1800  (d) 1000

Correct answer: (c)

  • If a person sells an article at x% profit, and would have gained y% had it been sold for ₹M more, then

Cost Price =  M*100 / yx

A book is sold at a profit of 14%. Had it been sold for ₹90 more, 26% would have been gained. Find the cost price.

  • 900 (b) 500 (c) 600  (d) 750

Correct answer: (d)

These tricks and formulas were extremely helpful for me while giving CLAT. Hope these help you as well. All the best!


AIR 8, CLAT 2016

This article is part of the ‘Bust CLAT’ series written by those who aced CLAT’16 and got into NLSIU. Keep following LawKey for more such tips and tricks. For a better CLAT preparation that increases your chances of making it to a good law school, click here.



An initiative by NLSIU students to help CLAT aspirants.

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