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CLAT Mentorship Programme

Hey all,

CLAT 2017 is done – the exam was conducted, the results are out, the colleges have been allotted. We were delighted to see that our students secured an excellent result. Arti Gupta, our mentee kid, secured AIR 8 in CLAT 2017. In addition to that, our students – Ananya H.S.  (AIR 11), Vishu Surana (AIR 13), Yusuf Tariq (AIR 23), Mohit Kumar (AIR 41) and Harshvardhan Tripathi (AILET AIR 3, CLAT AIR 118) – secured excellent ranks. We are fortunate to have had such an excellent result in only a few months of operation. It makes us believe that we have been helpful to you and your CLAT preparation. But CLAT 2017 is long gone now. It’s time to look ahead to CLAT 2018! Many of you are now at the same stage that we were a couple of years ago. The mental state you are in is something we can completely pressure, it is completely natural to feel this way during CLAT preparation. It is what prepares you for taking the exam. After all, keeping your cool is what CLAT is all about.

Now, how to keep your cool is the question? That can happen only when you’re satisfied with your preparation. We’ll give you an insight into our CLAT preparation now. Around the month of June, when many of us were barely starting our preparations, none of us expected to get into the top law schools in the country. We worked just as hard as everyone else. But we managed to get into NLSIU and not them. You know how? It was because most of us had some senior guiding us who knew when it was reasonable to be satisfied with your preparation and when it wasn’t. They guided us every day, through every subject, every mock test. They told us what is relevant and what isn’t. This played a vital role in our preparations and increased our chances of getting into NLSIU substantially.

Viraj Ananth (AIR 1 in CLAT 2016) told the Hindu: “I have some unorthodox advice to give others. Find yourself a mentor, someone from a law school, if possible.”

Unfortunately, not all of you have access to such seniors who can guide you in your preparations. We, at LawKey realize the importance of “the right guidance”. Given the right guidance, you can be sure of getting better results with minimal effort. That’s why; LawKey in furtherance of its objective of giving CLAT aspirants the right guidance brings to you a CLAT MENTORSHIP PROGRAM and a CLAT MOCK TEST SERIES.


Under this program, a student of NLSIU shall mentor you and oversee your CLAT preparations for the year. They shall oversee every mock test score of yours and also help you boost them. Further, they will help you with every subject of yours, give you specialized guidance over what to do and what not to do for CLAT 2017.

A Student of NLSIU will be allotted to you as a Mentor, guiding you, helping you and supporting you in your CLAT preparations.

Now you may say why should you subscribe to this program? Responding to this we would just like to say that we’ve got experience. Based on our experience, we can say that you need to know, what topics are relevant for CLAT, what types of questions are important and what aren’t. We will try to help you learn with learning ‘smartly’. This can only be done by someone who’s been through CLAT and hence knows what trend CLAT follows. Students who aced CLAT and entered NLSIU fit just that description. Apart from this, you’ll also get to know, hopefully, your seniors in advance and how the atmosphere is at NLSIU. So, you will get NLSIU students as your own personal mentor! Hurry! There are only a limited number of mentors available.


“Your test series and the mentorship programme were very good. I am from Gujarat and go to the most popular and leading institute in the state and trust me your mocks were way better than the ones i took at my institute” – Chittkrishna Thakkar (AIR 117 in CLAT 2016)

Under this program, we shall offer you a mock test series consisting of fifteen mock tests. These mocks will be prepared by students of NLSIU who aced CLAT 2015, 2016 and 2017. The mocks will be conducted over the next year and they will be held on an Online Mock Test Platform. You get the chance to compare your preparations to those of CLAT toppers as they shall be preparing these mock tests. You’ll get the most relevant questions in these mock tests which have a high probability of getting repeated in CLAT and hence will be an added advantage for you. You can test yourself against others contesting for the top law schools in India as well. These mock tests shall be specially designed for those who just want to get into the top law schools.  To apply, fill the form given below. We will get back to you with the payment 

This is where you can check out the various programs we offer and that too at highly discounted prices.



An initiative by NLSIU students to help CLAT aspirants.

54 thoughts on “CLAT Mentorship Programme

  1. Hi!
    I had signed up for the mentor ship plus test series plan about a week ago but still haven’t received any payment plan or confirmation mail.


  2. How’ll the mentors get in contact with us?(medium)
    And also I’m scoring average like 80 in CP mocks.Can you guys help me in going to top 3 NLU’S.


    1. Hey Conan,
      We think that personalised attention supplemented with simulated CLAT mock tests (the chances of our questions getting repeated in CLAT are very high) shall help you focus all your efforts into one direction consequently helping you ace your CLAT to reach your dream law school.


    1. Hi Anushka,

      The QUALITY of our mocks and their SIMILARITY to the actual CLAT paper is what makes us different from any other test series available in the market. Our tests have been specially designed keeping into mind, the recent trends that CLAT has followed and that too by those who actually managed to get through CLAT’15 and 16. Compared to any other institute, a lot of brainstorming goes into our questions, reason why you’ll always find fresh and CLAT-like questions in our mock tests which have a high chance of getting REPEATED in CLAT’17.


  3. I havnt prepared anything for the clat yet….
    I ll b taking crash course of 30 days which will be starting from 1st of April’16
    Is there anyway you guys can help me out..?


  4. Are both these programs still open??? I had applied for the program but missed out on the last date of submitting the fee…….


      1. I had filled the form a long while ago, when the combo offer was @Rs1999. I also have the email with me. But i missed out on the payment date due to some personal issues. So, what fee would aply on me?? Rs1999 or Rs2499????


    1. Hi Deb
      Yes we agree that debit card will be more convenient for you. However, there are certain hassles in accepting payment through debit card. We are trying to work around it. But currently, we can only offer NEFT and DD as payment options. Sorry. :/


  5. and..we have to pay online only right? through debit cards? and .. we can give the mocks anytime according to us or you have set the dates? plus, how will we avail to this facility once we have paid for it?


    1. Hi Tanya.
      Initially we will only be accepting payment through NEFT facility or through Demand Draft.
      The mocks will be held on specific days. You will take the mock on an online platform on the designated days. After that you will be emailed the rank you scored in the mock. You will only be eligible for a rank if you give the mock on a certain designated day.
      However, once the mock is released you can attempt it on the online platform any time you want. You can attempt the mock on the online platform only once though. After the attempt, you will be e-mailed the PDF version of the mock question paper so that you can attempt it again using the PDF copy if you want to.
      Hope that clears it up. 🙂
      But if you have any doubts, you can email us at
      We will be happy to help 🙂


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