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‘It’s Not Too Late…’ says AIR 1

The D-day for all you CLAT aspirants is just three months away. Many of you may be spending sleepless nights, suffering from CLAT related nightmares, panic attacks and the likes. However all this tension is not really required. You can easily get into top National Law University with dedicated preparation from now till CLAT. Ideally CLAT is not as tough as to require preparation for an entire year. Just 3 months are enough to nail it. But this is the time when you need to get serious about it and start concentrated study sessions not for the entire day obviously but for just 5-6 hours a day.

The best advice would be to give a mock test and understand your position now. Try to find out the section or pattern of questions where you are lagging and losing marks and ideally work on that for most of your prep time. For the people starting the preparation from scratch, it is not too late now. You can still do well and outsmart many people by working in according to a plan which includes hard work as well as smart techniques to supplement the hard work. There are a lot of questions about what the differences between hard work and smart techniques are or how to work smartly. These two things are inter-connected. For working smartly, first of all you need to work hard. Hard work in sense that you need to increase your study hours, give full length tests and understand the areas where you face problems. Once you’re done with this, you apply the smart techniques. That is to dedicate a high proportion of your study time towards the problematic areas. This does not mean that you do not need to study the subject or topics you are good at, you just assign different priorities to different subjects on the basis of how good you are at them.

Now coming to subject wise tips or strategies:

English: For those of you who cannot comprehend the passage in one go, try solving 2-3 comprehensions per day. For vocabulary you can use Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis which has 47 sessions and won’t take more than 47 days if you complete one section per day. Instead of memorising words, try to look at root words. For grammar section, Wren and Martin can be used.

General Knowledge/Current Affairs: Read the newspaper daily and prepare notes from it. Various online portals as well as our page provide you with important news that you need to remember. For people who want to take it up a notch, you can refer to monthly compendiums and prepare notes from there. Coming to static portion, I think priority should be given to modern history, then medieval history and then ancient history. The General Knowledge section is the most scoring one since you can score 38-44 easily in about 8 minutes.

Mathematics: Try solving a variety of questions. Instead of focussing on quantity of questions importance should be given to type of questions.

Logical Reasoning: Practice, Practice and Practice. This is all I can say for this section. The more you practice, the higher is your speed and accuracy.

Legal Reasoning: Read the principle and facts properly while attempting. If you don’t remember the principle after reading facts, refer to it once again. Refer to past year papers.

Try to stick to a routine, take short intervals during the course of study, discuss with your friends since it helps in increasing your knowledge and last but not the least WORK HARD!

All the Best Guys!

Akash Jain

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17 thoughts on “‘It’s Not Too Late…’ says AIR 1

  1. Thank you sir for the above information. All I wanted to ask is now I have almost 11 months to prepare for CLAT, with 5-6hrs/day is it possible?


  2. Hey, I am student of class 11 science stream ,will be going to 12 next month and I want to prepare for CLAT 2018 so what should be my plan to give equal focus on boards and CLAT.😊


  3. can I get into NLS by doing hard work of one that possible?? I have my boards now.will hard work in april get me into NLS??


    1. Hey Sanskriti. Yes it is quite possible to get into NLS with just a month’s preparation. We have students here who did just that. However, you would need the right guidance and support. We believe that our mentorship programme can provide you the personalised help that you need.
      Also, we would be posting an article on last month preparation soon. πŸ™‚
      Keep an eye out for that.


  4. But you didn’t mentioned from where did u studied static gk? And where can i find arrangement based problems in logical reasoning section?
    Thanks πŸ™‚


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